Testimonials from Dr. Redfern's patients:

I have lived with TMJD since 1993. In June of 2011 my jaw suddenly took a turn for the worse. I had terrible pain and my jaw function declined. I went to see a dentist in Colorado Springs who immediately referred me to Dr. Redfern. 1 drove straight from the dentist to Dr. Redfern’s office and his staff took me in right away. Imaging was done, impressions were done and my splint was made.

In the last 3 years 1 have seen Dr. Redfem regularly to have my splint adjusted and check my progress. The journey to be pain free has not been easy. 1 have had to make many adjustments to be able to live with TMJD. 1 don’t feel I could have done it without the help of Dr. Redfem and his wonderful staff- especially Denise.

Dr. Redfern has not just helped decrease my pain, he has also taken the time to educate me and helped me to understand the why’s and how's of TMJD. We came up with a game plan with specific goals and working together we are getting close to achieving these goals. It has not always been easy but Dr. Redfem has never dismissed any of my concerns or fears and has always listened to me and has always taken the time to address my questions and concerns.

He is passionate about his work and his knowledge is second to none. He and his staff arepassionate about helping their clients. My jaw will never recover from (the damage it has sustained and will never by fully functional but 1 can't imagine where I would be now without his treatment.


I love him! Dr. Redfern has helped me with my neck and shoulder pain, has helped me to sleep better, function in my jobs and to be comfortable again while driving. Dr. Redfern listened to me as a person and answered all my questions. He is an excellent person and I highly recommend him to everyone!


I came to Dr. Redfern because my jaw had started dislocating numerous times a day a few months previously. Since using his mouth splint (first all day and now just at night) my jaw has not dislocated once.


Dr. Redfern and his staff are the best treatment that I have recevied. I have been with them now for about 10 years and have had no complaints.